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We Help Young Entrepreneurs Succeed Using A Unique Expert-Mentor Model 

B2B Services | Software | Healthcare

Applying world-class talent, unique networks, and growth equity to mentor search funds. 

We complement institutional investors.
We are former McKinsey Senior Partners with decades of hands-on executive problem-solving and coaching experience in relevant search industries. We are principal investors with a long-term hold perspective.

How we are different
  1. Top management business advisors with skills tailored to small-cap experience​​
  2. Senior interaction and coaching model
  3. Distinctive expertise and contacts
  4. Thought leadership around tailwinds, theses, frameworks, and metrics
  5. Growth-oriented investment approach


Search Fund Investors since:       2004

Searchers Supported :                    100+

Companies Acquired:                        70+


Apply strategy, growth, and performance improvement to: 

  • B2B services with compliance requirements

  • Tech-enabled services

  • Vertical and niche horizontal software

  • Health care practices, services and technology

  • Multi-unit rollouts and rollups



Add value at the key moments in the search fund journey

  • Monthly and ad hoc check-ins

  • How to improve response rates?

  • Which industries to search in?

  • How to build trust with sellers?

  • How to construct price for a given deal?

  • How to assess a given deal

  • pre- and post-LOI 

    • Unpack, assess, price, and structure a potential deal?

    • What are the key bets?

    • What will be critical to diligence?


Partner with a limited number of searchers each year who align with the Applied Equity focus

  1. Distinctive professional backgrounds

  2. Self-aware, coachable

  3. Street smart with high integrity

  4. Connection and chemistry

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